Ways to Winterize Commercial Properties

The leaves have changed colors, most trees are now bare, and the temperature is getting a little colder each night. It is official. Winter is right around the corner and if it’s anything like last year, we are all in for some frightfully cold weather. So, now is the time to prepare and not only make sure you are ready for the cold, but that you commercial properties are too.

1.) Make sure that the HVAC system and been inspected and cleaned. A properly maintained HVAC will lead to a longer life and lower monthly bills.

2.) Make sure that all exterior pipes are properly insulated to avoid a disastrous pipe break. Also, seal cracks and holes in outside walls and foundations near water pipes.

3.) Clear out all gutters, downspouts and the roof so that water can drain properly away from the building avoiding water from expanding and contracting that can be very dangerous to a buildings structure.

4.) Now is a great time to test and change out the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms.

ice-dam-commercial-roof5.) To decrease the likelihood or size of ice dams (snow that has melted and refroze at the roof’s edge), make sure that the attic is well ventilated and the attic floor is well insulated. Also, as an extra precaution, you can install an ice-and-water barrier under the roof covering.

6.) Check that windows and doors are properly sealed to prevent heat loss and expensive heat bills.

7.) Utility or sprinkler rooms that have gas or electric heating units should be inspected by a licensed professional before putting them into service for the winter season.

In addition to protecting the physical side of your buildings, make sure that each are stocked with emergency supplies, such as blankets, portable heat source, and food in the rare case of being snowed in. And try to remember, winter can’t be as bad as last year, right?!

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