Hashtag CRE: How to Use Twitter for B2B Marketing

We have seen Twitter feuds between celebrities and marketers thrive (and cause havoc) when using it to reach their consumers, but where does Twitter fit in with business to business marketing? With at least 85% of B2B marketers using Twitter, it is vital to understand how to market to a unique set of tweeters.

FCA_Twitter_PageFirst off, Twitter is unique from other social media sites in that its microblogging. You only have 140 characters to grab someone’s attention. The first rule that most social media experts agree is that your Twitter feed should not be all about you. I have heard variations of the 70/30 rule or 80/20 rule, but it is pretty much the same. The majority of content posted to your site should be outside content that is relevant to your field. For example, when I look for stories to retweet or post, I type in #CRE (commercial real estate) in the search bar. Automatically, I come up with anyone who has posted industry news that contains the hashtag CRE. Within a few minutes, I have found plenty of content that I can use. So, the other 20% to 30% should be used to self-promote; include links to your website, press releases, pictures, or team.

Make sure that your Twitter page promotes your brand and is consistent with your company’s image. Use your logo as your profile picture, change the color scheme of your page to the colors of your company, and use the space under your logo to tell others what your company is about. Try not to copy and paste from your website, but use this to be a little more creative in explaining your business. Also, create your own hashtag and start using it. You never know when a hashtag will catch on and become popular, so it is a great way to continue to get your name out there.

Start following people. Your goal is not only to gain followers, but to build up your network as well. Go thru your client list, check out the ‘Who to View” on Twitter, and search by your business. For commercial real estate search #CRE, #multifamily, #retail, #industrial, and #apartments. It’s a great start to build up followers.

Engage with your followers. Start a conversation, favorite a tweet that is relevant to your industry, or even retweet someone. All of this helps get your name out in the Twitter world!

Lastly, schedule your tweets and tweet 2-3 times a day. There isn’t a need to schedule over the weekends because you are marketing to other businesses, more than likely they aren’t checking Twitter over the weekend.

Using Twitter for B2B marketing can be very effective and create new business relationships. It sure has helped us. Seen our Twitter page? Go to www.twitter.com/FCAGRP

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