Must Have Marketing Strategies in CRE

CRE tends to be a beast in itself when it comes to marketing. A lot of real estate is done thru networking and is a tight niche. So what do you do if you are new to the business, starting your own company in CRE, or are struggling with your current marketing plan? We have some suggestions on marketing strategies that firms must have.

Offline Marketing

  • With such a stress of importance on social media and online marketing, it is easy to stray away from offline marketing. Yes, we are talking about “old school” marketing where you print off materials such as flyers, brochures, and other material that can either be mailed or handed out. Also, make sure that you create graphic and eye-catching window signage. This is a great way to reinforce your brand in a creative, artistic way!

Online Marketing

  • Now, of course we have to discuss online marketing. 94% of business-to-business buyers research online, weather that is for a specific product or company, according to a Brafton blog published in 2014. First off, make sure you have a unique website that stands out. Even though there are free website designs out there, it is better to invest into a professional web design and development company. We highly recommend Web312 based out of Chicago, who not only captured the design and vibe we wanted, but they were able to build the backend of the website so that we are searchable and come up in Google (another VERY important marketing tool). On top of having a solid website, make sure that you utilize social media as well. Check out our blog Yes! Social Media is for Commercial Real Estate Too! To find out how to incorporate this into your marketing strategy. Don’t be afraid either to send out press releases to various media outlets about an accomplishment or new hire. This is something that can be easily shared online with the click of a button!

Create Consistency

  • According to John Jantsch, veteran marketing coach, award winning blogger, and author of Duct Tape Marketing, “consistency builds trust.” Whether it be producing a monthly newsletter, a quarterly report, a reoccurring event in your market, or always returning calls within a certain amount of time, establishing consistency in your approach to business will build trust over time: the foundation for solid relationships. Also, make sure that your brand is consistent. This includes having a logo that is unformed throughout all channels of marketing, deciding on company colors that are then utilized on marketing materials and your website, as well as creating a slogan or phrase that you can use as a marketing tool; being consistent is the only way to grow your company successfully.

Measure Results

  • Lastly, determine what the key metrics are that will measure success of your marketing campaign. Is it the amount of hits that you get to your website? Or is it leads generated? One great tool to use to help measure your success is Google Analytics. It’s free and you just put the code into the back end of your website and it does all the tracking for you!

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